SELLING Services

Tips on how to effectively sell your home!

SELLING Services

Tips on how to effectively sell your home!


Our Services

Our experienced real estate team is devoted to guarantee high level of selling services within the GTA. We can provide many marketing strategies to help sell your home for the biggest bang for your buck! We also offer great home appraisal strategies which is also a huge factor in making sure your home is sold for the highest price point.


We market your home through various sources to make sure your property is seen by the most potential buyers. When you join with us we ensure that your property will be on the market as soon as possible and sold as quickly as possible so you can move into your next home efficiently. Our team will distribute flyers and brochures as well as using many online methods such as:

1) Toronto MLS and
2) Email distribution to our mass customer base
3) On our website
4) Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

These marketing strategies well help ensure the maximum number of viewings on your property from potential buyers to receive the highest offer price possible.

Open Houses

Our team will set up and host open houses frequently to create more traffic of potential buyers visiting your home. The more prospective buyers viewing your home will ensure the most efficient and quickest sale.

Deal negotiations

As soon as offers start pouring in on your home which they will, we help you step by step in practicing the negotiation strategies to achieve the highest value for your home. Our team has gone through this process more times than we can count and will definitely make sure you are satisfied with the offer accepted.

Home Evaluations

We are dedicated in helping you sell your home for the best possible price, and to do so our team creates a thorough comparison of your home to others in your area/neighbourhood while also taking upgrades and special features into account. Follow this link to learn more about our home evaluation services.

Home Staging

We have a professional home staging team on deck to make sure they come into your property quickly and undergo creative planning and implement great designs particular to your home. This will drastically increase buyer traffic since they can imagine living in your home! . Follow this link to learn more about our home staging services.

Assisting each step of the way

Our team will ensure to have your back every step of the way in the process of selling your home. We are committed to selling your home in shortest amount of time with the highest possible return! Call us today – Ash Jagga (647) 996-1380 & Surinder Jagga (416) 559-6600




Call us today – Ash Jagga (647) 996-1380 & Surinder Jagga (416) 559-6600.

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